8 Weeks to Wellness: Nutrition, Fitness & Weight Loss

Over 68% of all American adults are overweight

Over 35% of all Americans are obese

Over 6% of all Americans are extremely obese

When it comes to your overall health, the foods we select and consume are extremely important. To be fair, the food we eat is potentially the most important part of our health, providing nutrients and sustaining, in many ways, bodily function.

At Bridge Chiropractic we have a team of nutritional specialists who care about your well-being. We want to see you achieve all of your health and wellness goals whatever it takes, but that starts with a conversation.

Our safe and effective program will help get you to your desired weight, but more importantly, will get you healthy. 8 WEEKS TO WELLNESS® focuses on health instead of illness and encompasses all of the fundamental wellness therapies including:

  • Total Health & Fitness Assessment
  • Personalized Diet Program
  • Complete Blood Analysis
  • On-Site Personal Fitness Training
  • Spinal Adjustments
  • Wellness Education
  • Full Body Massage
  • Meditation Instruction

With a structured nutritional and fitness program put into place, along with the use of recommended natural supplements, we are confident of your success. Each plan is customized to each individual need, and aims at each person being able to lead a productive life of vitality.

Contact us today and take that first step toward your full health potential.

- Bridge Chiropractic - Salmon Creek
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