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Ways To Cheer Up During These Gloomy Days

Dr. Paul gives us some great tips on how to stay cheerful despite the weather!
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Introducing our NEW Kid’s Program!

Your kid’s health is important. That’s why we’re announcing the addition of new doctor approved kid’s fitness classes at Bridge Chiropractic. Class participation includes a posture and functional movement assessment by a Bridge Chiropractic doctor. Beginning January 15, kids can come to our fitness center and be greeted by the smiling face of Kelsey Walsh,…

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The Gift of Wellness this Holiday Season

Dr. Paul recently visited Afternoon Live on KATU and showed different ideas for giving the gift of “wellness” this holiday season. Check it out!

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Making Healthy Choices This Holiday Season

Food. Family. Fun. That’s about the order of priority around the holidays, but if you (like most) are worried about gaining those few extra pounds over December, we’ve got a few tips for you. It doesn’t have to be a blue Christmas this year with bland foods that taste like cardboard, but take the initiative to…

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Pass The Pumpkin Please!

Pumpkin season has finally arrived, so we thought it appropriate to carve out some time for dishing out some impressive health benefits of this yummy seasonal favorite. No more feeling anxious about what you’re bringing to family gatherings, now you can feel good about all of your pumpkin recipes this fall and brag away about…

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Crack Stress Before It Cracks You

Studies have shown that stress not only contributes to weight gain and weight loss but also causes a process of overeating that can lead to imbalances and spikes within the body. For example, cortisol and insulin are the two most common hormones that can do real damage if left unchecked.  These hormones contribute to fat…

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Always Challenge Your Healthcare

Once upon a time it was unheard of for a doctor’s opinion to be challenged, but today’s patients are getting second and third opinions, seeking out alternative health care solutions and pursuing natural options to find out the best course of action for their health. And recently, the medical system is now being challenged by…

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The 5 Building Blocks Of Good Health

  The Holistic Road or The Traditional Medical Model The typical approach to “health,” hasn’t worked for years. To most people, “health” means, “I’m not in pain” or “I’m not sick often.” That isn’t true health! Our society isn’t changing its perception of health, we’re simply looking for different ways to pay for it! Yet,…

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Study Suggests Texting Can Lead To Heart Disease

  Are you a chronic texter? What about your kids? Maybe you enjoy reading books on your tablet for hours on end. Pay close attention to what comes next because it’s going to save you a lot of future headaches, quite literally. We’re not saying throw out your cell phone or Kindle, but being aware of…

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Natural Remedies For Allergy Season

  When spring and summer attack….sounds like a bad movie. There’s nothing worse than allergy season if you happen to be one of the 50 million people in America that sufferfrom allergies. According to the College of Asthma and Immunology, allergies are actually the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. Wow! These…

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