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The Effect Of Sugar On The Body

  That chocolate cupcake has been calling your name all afternoon. Yes, it’s time for your sugar break before you hit “the work wall”, and you know what? It’s fine. There is, believe it or not, an allotted amount of sugar your body can consume each day, but the problem is we love excess, don’t…

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What You & Melania Trump May Have In Common

  Much can be debated on genetically modified or engineered foods, but really anything that is grown using toxic pesticide spray we’re gonna take a pass on. It’s just not justifiable to ingest something that can also make an insect explode, but hey if you’re into that sort of thing go right ahead. The First…

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The Toxic Truth

  We need to talk. Don’t you hate hearing those words? But seriously we need to talk. You know like the time your high school sweetheart wanted to talk and dumped you right before the prom. Well, this is kind of the same conversation only instead of breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s…

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Is Back Pain REALLY Back Pain?

Naturally, when you have lower back pain you’re going to think that it’s due to a lower back issue. That’s not necessarily the case, and it can leave you scratching your head as to how to get rid of the pain. You can’t relieve the pain if you don’t know where it comes from, right?…

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Are Your Kids Safe From Concussions?

Watching your kids play sports can be a roller coaster of emotions. The excitement you feel when they do good suddenly turns to anxiety when they fall down awkwardly or take a hard hit. Dr. Reed explains what it means to have a concussion and some prevention steps to keep everyone as safe as possible…

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Preventing Golf Injury

All golfers alike have an on-going common goal and that is to improve their golf swing. This is a sport that comes with a lot of repetitive motion of the same muscles and joints, so wear and tear is likely to happen. Dr. Reed gives out some pointers on how to prevent injury when playing…

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Flip Flops: The Summer Bummer

Our go-to summer shoe is actually the most dangerous shoe we own. Yes, it’s true! Dr. Reed explains why and how we can prevent our footwear from taking its toll on our bodies.

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Stretch It Out

Bend. Stretch. Repeat. Good advice for someone with back pain, especially lower back pain. You don’t have to get to a gym, and it’s not just reserved for athletes. Stretching is for everyone and aside from easing up on your back pain, it also helps prevent injury and promote circulation in your body: pretty good…

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Healthy Weight Loss

You can weed through the millions of different ways to lose weight from the apple cider vinegar craze to even surgery, but if you don’t want to travel down the weight loss rabbit hole, we’d like to offer up some guidance. It’s a tough road and whether it was becoming super winded playing with your…

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Spinal Decompression

Not All Fun & Games As a kid, how many times did we walk down the sidewalk singing, “Don’t step on the crack or you’ll break your momma’s back”? The fear of breaking our mother’s back was a real thing back in the day! Those tiny cracks in the sidewalk taunted and terrorized us with…

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