Introducing our NEW Kid’s Program!

Your kid’s health is important. That's why we're announcing the addition of new doctor approved kid's fitness classes at Bridge Chiropractic. Class participation includes a posture and functional movement assessment by a Bridge Chiropractic doctor.

Beginning January 15, kids can come to our fitness center and be greeted by the smiling face of Kelsey Walsh, coach and trainer, who will lead them through fun, fitness activities. “I always come in happy!” says Kelsey, who loves what she does and wants kids to feel the same way. “My mission is to find a spark or a light in kids to help them live active and healthy lives.”

As soon as you meet Kelsey, you see that spark in her. “I want fitness to be a happy thing for kids in my classes. I want this to be the best hour of their day.”

In the classes, kids will experience general functional fitness, which Kelsey will design to challenge all skill levels, ages 8-15. The program is entertaining without the risk of injury.

Kelsey says, “My favorite part about kid’s fitness is ‘learning’ an individual. My best coaches paid attention to me, like how my body was reacting. That’s how I teach group classes, by paying attention to the individuals.”

Kelsey’s roots are in gymnastics, where she’s competed most of her life, and began coaching 15 years ago. She studied Early Childhood Development with an emphasis on Human Development & Family Science, earning a B.S. degree at Oregon State University. Kelsey is also a Crossfit athlete and is a Level I Crossfit Certified Trainer.

She joins the wellness team at Bridge Chiropractic, adding this new layer of overall health to kids. “There’s a good recipe here at Bridge to tie wellness into kid’s lives. It’s all here,” she says as she motions to the large fitness area in Salmon Creek. “Bridge ties it all together – chiropractic care, massage, acupuncture, nutrition. Now kids can come into this facility, in an adult world, and see all these things come together and how it all helps a person maintain health throughout their life.”


Class Days & Times: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays, 3:15-4:30 p.m.

Cost: Drop in or monthly rates as low as $67!

Where: Salmon Creek Location

Give us a call to learn more and get signed-up!


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