Laser Therapy

There are lots of misconceptions when it comes to the word “laser”, especially as it pertains to health care. Questions pop up like:

  1. Is it safe?
  2. Does it hurt?
  3. Can it really help my pain?
  4. Is it expensive?
  5. How many treatments does it take?

These are all relevant when one starts to consider laser therapy in regards to pain management and recovery. We would be happy to address each of these questions when you call to schedule your new patient consultation! If you’re worried about it being an invasive treatment, don’t. Our certified team is here to make you feel comfortable and to ease any concerns you may have.

Focused on reducing pain and inflammation, we use a non-invasive therapeutic technique. Laser therapy is designed as an alternative to drugs, though often it’s used in addition to medication. Lasting about 5-10 minutes, this simple, safe method administers a laser light directly to your skin resulting in calming warmth as healing begins.

Find out if you or a loved one is a candidate for laser therapy today.

- Bridge Chiropractic - Salmon Creek
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